• Homemade renditions of dishes that I indulged in overseas!

Masterminds Behind the Recipes

This is my rendition of a tribute to my mom’s Aashpazi of authentic Persian cuisines that are practical, clever & easy to make. My mom, Nazila, taught herself to cook with the help of my grandma, Momarosa, at the young age of 6.

Our practical approach
  • Mise en Place ~ French culinary phrase interpreted as everything in its place, the pre-visualization & preparation of every action & component needed to successfully & efficiently execute a task
Nooshe Jan~com.abtinbidgoli~UX/UI Developer

Clever Recipes

"I need that one great idea, be it from ingredients to a dish, and I enjoy making my rendition of dishes that I see overseas when I am back in my kitchen at home." ~ Susur Lee

Nooshe Jan~com.abtinbidgoli~UX/UI Developer